I tend to tell the truth in reviews, something not everyone in the poetry world is happy to be confronted with. Here are all of the reviews I have written (so far) :

Jackself, Jacob Polley

House of Mouse, Prudence Chamberlain and SJ Fowler

Trammel, Charlotte Newman

Speculationsa and Changes, Sam Smith

Bare George, Claire Crowther

To Have To Follow, Julie Maclean and Terry Quinn

Tocayo, Joe Doerr

Hard Lines, John Miles

Air Vault, Andrew Taylor 

Hammersmith, Sean O’Brien

Standing Water, Eleanor Chai

The Quilted Multiverse, Jill Munroe

Who by water, Kate Ashton

Dr. Zeeman’s catastrophe machine, Martin Figura

Strangers Like You, Mark Mansfield 

Baby, Patricia Debney

Cain, Luke Kennard

Too many humans of New York, Abigail Welhouse

Yesterday’s Music Today, Mike Ferguson and Rupert Loydell (eds)

As I was pulled under the earth, Grant Tarbard

The ascent of feminist poetry, Charles Bane jr [ed]

Bindings with Discords, Pete Smith

Humbert Summer, A.K. Blakemore

Pieces of Us, Sally Flint

Red Stain, Liza Porter

The Remains, Annie Freud

Sentenced to Life, Clive James

Kim Kardashian’s Marriage, Sam Riviere

In a Mist, Geoffrey O’Brien 

Notness, Richard Berengarten

Eidolon, Sandeep Parmar.

It Looks Like an Island but Sails Away, Ralph Hawkins.

Update, Dennis O’Driscoll.

Burn, Andrew Bagoo.

Bedouin of the London Evening: Collected Poems, Rosemary Tonks

Faber New Poets 9, Rachael Allen.

Faber New Poets 10, Will Burns.

Faber New Poets 11, Zaffar Kunial.

Faber New Poets 12, Declan Ryan

Terror, Toby Martinez de las Rivas

The Midlands, Tony Williams,

Ways to Build A Roadblock, Josh Ekroy

Species, Mark Burnhope

Cairn, Richie McCaffery